Tuesday, March 16, 2010

grilled sausages for dinner and other nice things

I had such a delicious food day.
I made blintzes for breakfast.
Fried in butter and filled with sweet cottage cheese, I served them to my Baba with sour cream. She loved the filling, but unwrapped and left most of the crispy, brown fried dough. I stayed for a while and read in the sun. I did a bit of an old crossword too.
Before I left home I grabbed a Pink Lady apple for a snack and as I left the hospital I ate the whole thing on the elevator down to the street.
For lunch I met a sweet old friend of mine for coffee and food and beer at the hotel lounge where we work. It is a lovely, old-fashioned lounge with thick wood panelled walls, cushy but sturdy seating, and strange things like microscopes and random leather bound books lining the shelves.
It will be even lovelier there this summer, with long slow drinks on the patio.
Today was warm, and that certainly made me cheerful, but it'll be a while still before I'm whiling away time on the patio. We each started with a rich mocha, served with almond biscotti. I had a lamb kebab. At the base of the plate was fresh pita, followed by finely chosen morsels of lamb, rosemary roasted zucchini, fresh cucumber, feta, and tzatziki. I got sweet potato fries on the side. They were salty and crispy on the outside and fluffy and sweet on the inside.
After a long, lingering afternoon of eating and then pints, I was ready for an easy supper. I got home late and it was already done! My dad grilled the turkey apple sausages I bought at the farmer's market. Check out SunWorks Farm, guys. They have fresh eggs and happy chickens.
Paired with a salad of romaine lettuce and tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and arugula from the farmer's market, more feta, and cilantro vinaigrette, and you are hearing from one very smitten food kitten.
I can't wait for real spring - new lettuces, peas, the sweet smell of blossoms - I've always loved the spring best of all. Grilling and salads and cool crisp whites. Eeeep!


  1. I love those pink lady apples...
    and something about fresh eggs makes my day better
    that and reading your blog, though it usually just makes me hungrier

  2. i'm watching you! creepy, right?