Thursday, April 8, 2010

sunshiney shout outs

Stephanie Eddy, The Clockwork Lemon
She’s clever, creative, and incredibly talented. Plus, she’s my very dear old friend. So read her stuff and get yourself some delectable ideas too.

My sister, Leah – for inventing the most hilarious new fortune cookie game – before you open your cookie, you choose a member of the Edmonton Oilers franchise and then your fortune actually becomes their fortune

The good folks at Allegro, downtown – for being delicious.
Go here for very well made, fine-dining style Italian food in a modern yet cosy, convenient location. Lots of parking on the street after 6, huge portions, and very fresh ingredients make this less-than-new Italian eatery a consistent top choice for pasta and meat entrees. They’ve got a private room that I wouldn’t mind renting out for a great private dinner party. Anyone interested? Just give me a reason…

Keep your eyes peeled for some new looks on here – soon you’ll be spotting my shmancy new designs on the website and on the streets of Edmonton. But you’ll have to know where to look. If you spot my advertisements, take a cell phone photo and send it to me. This will be a fun new game. I anticipate it going positively viral in no time at all.

Also to watch for – some beautiful hand drawings courtesy of one Jill Stanton. This gal happens to be one of Edmonton’s finest printmakers and emerging graphic novelists. Her work is superb and you will find her at the upcoming Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair.


  1. yay! thanks! I enjoy your blog a lot too.. it makes me sad that i left edmonton without trying a lot of these amazing places that you're reviewing.

    Also, I am totally playing that fortune cookie game from now on

  2. dude! thanks for the shout out! can you give examples for all of your readers about the fortunes?

    eg. i think sarah got one for pat quinn that said something to the effect of "you should consider a career in medicine"

    HIgh comedy in my opinion...

    well the season sorrows are almost over. confucius says: Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.