Sunday, July 11, 2010

hey there sports fans

Who likes lazy summer Sundays? I know I do...

Today I plan to read the newspaper, write, eat food from the market prepared for me with love, hang out in a hammock, and then I'm going to go to the Eskimos-Alouettes football game around 5.

FYI - breakfast is scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions, and feta cheese, fresh berries, a sweet purple pepper from the farmer's market (!), and green tea with honey. Brought to me in bed. Sigh.

I'll watch the sun set across the field into the stands on the other side of Commonwealth Stadium. They'll be packed with fans tonight, this game is quite a big match up. We'll probably grab bison burgers and old popcorn at the game.

And if it's warm enough and we feel like spending a silly amount of money for just-okay beer, we just might have a few of those too.

What do you like to eat on lazy Sundays? Or at football games? Or, for that matter, any sporting event? It's summer, we're a darn northerly place, and the summer won't last that long. Tell me your favourite summer foods. Let's record them so we can remember this time and how great things taste in season.


  1. Everything. My favorite thing to eat on lazy sundays consists of everything. Particularly in good company

  2. Sundays I always went to my nonna's for lunch. We'd have fresh pasta, salad, cheeses, melon and wine. I've always felt Sunday to be a day to eat with the ones you love.
    The best part of summer is there seems to be a large amount of fresh seafood even in landlocked Alberta, nothing says summer like sunshine and seafood, except maybe a BBQ and watermelon

  3. laaaazy sundays.....mmmmm!!! First, a huge doob. And then everything in the fridge!!!


    But, really, everything in the fridge (with the exception of liquids) ends up in a hash of sorts and gets eaten with pita bread. easy and YUMMY - if properly seasoned, of course:)