Thursday, September 30, 2010

a not-so turkey dinner

Have I mentioned that I kind of hate turkey. I don't hate all turkeys... though I could tell you stories about a traumatic experience involving a raging feathered beast that chased me down the street of a historical reenactment town.... another day perhaps.
When I remember the Thanksgivings of my youth I recall dried out turkey and copious amounts of stuffing (my favourite part) with lots of little bits of carrot, onion, and celery. Delicious, to be sure, but not especially inventive. We're big on tradition in my family. The tradition being that when turkey goes on sale, my grandmother buys four and gives one to every child. Anything for a bargain, right?
When I moved away I got to start my own traditions. One of the greatest being my very own Thanksgiving fest for all my friends at uni who didn't go home to their families for the weekend. I'd buy the best (i.e. hormone, antibiotic free, content animal) I could afford and prep it for a whole day. I'd roast veggies and everyone would supply the rest. The tradition lapsed last fall when I came home and ended up working all Thanksgiving weekend. This year I got wise and booked the weekend off.
On the menu so far:
My ever-popular roasted leg of lamb with apples, parsnips, and other autumn vegetables
Kate's pumpkin soup with coconut milk (served in a pumpkin!)
Vegetarian shepherd's pie with lentils and spaghetti squash - I saw a man cook this on television when I was working out at the gym
The remainder I'm relinquishing control on and hoping that my guests will bring their A-game:

home made bread
baked yams with candied walnuts
spinach salad
a cheese plate
dessert of some kind

Here's hoping it's another night to remember, as all my Thanksgivings have been up until now.


  1. I'm looking forward to a non-turkey thanksgiving this year too.. not sure what it will be but it won't be turkey.