Friday, July 22, 2011

things I want to eat when it's raining...

For more than a solid month now we've had unprecedented amounts of rain, night after night. Summer is a sham. We're all feeling hopelessly weary and other than cauliflower farmers, the rest of us are quite unhappy with this weather.
Cauliflower, it seems, grows well in moist conditions. Bully for cau
liflower. I want the ice cream man to grow well.
I think back to hot, dry summers of watermelon, Taber corn, walking with my grandparents to Dairy Queen for blizzards and pineapple sundaes (Zaida's favourite).
But this summer it feels like droopy escarole soup and heavy vichyssoise are the soup of the day and there just will not be enough bike rides.
One night and I got out from under the thunderclouds above by wandering in to Irie Foods on Whyte. On the other side of the tracks, this little unsuspecting hole in the wall took our breath away with warmth, hospitality, and good good island cuisine. I'm glad I only ordered one side order of dumplings because we could barely finish the food. J and I are fans of sharing so we started with beef patties - flaky golden pastry and spicy ground meat steaming inside. Then we had the plantains - there may have been a fork battle that arose over the last bite. For our main we ordered the red snapper with beans and rice. It came with soup or salad. Our delightful server (who, by the way, kept the red stripe stubbies coming all night) highly recommended the chicken noodle, and as the rain pounded down the sidewalk outside we heartily agreed.
I've never had a whole fish before. Eyes and all. That took some getting used to. But the fish itself was fantastic, infused with delicate but sumptuous flavour. Working around the bones was part of the fun, as I was better at it than J.
Everything about that place was a marvel. I was so glad we happened upon it that evening. If, on another such stormy night, you and a special someone are hungry and looking to escape the galoshes blues, paddle over to the island for a while, and let Irie Foods take you there.

Irie Foods is located on the north side of Whyte at:
10152 82nd Avenue
Edmonton, AB

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  1. That sucks that edmonton has been under a rain cloud most of the summer!

    This place sounds so delicious.. esp the beef patties