Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Cupcake Chronicle: Day 31

The Cupcake Chronicle:
Day 31
Behind schedule...
The Cupcake Chronicle
Day 31
To be fair, I have made a lot of progress since I last wrote. After tearing out the vanilla ribbing of the cupcake/hat base about 10 times, I finally got the hand of the technique of knit two pearl two on circular needles and completed the 2 or so inches described in the pattern. This could not have happened without the wisdom and help of many ladies. My sister, Leah, skype-knitted with me and showed me what I was doing wrong. And of course the lovely ladies at Ewe Asked for it were invaluable, also very friendly, welcoming and helpful. I like hanging out with them a lot.

I was finally done and starting the strawberry frosting part of the cupcake/hat. But the pattern got kind of confusing there and I had to just fudge it a bit. Haha! So now I’m decreasing stitches to finish off the top, but I’ve gotten sort of confused and muddled up by the pattern again and I don’t think I’ve been doing it right. I can think of a few people who might help me sort that out.

As soon as the top is all stitched up I’ll begin the strawberry that will be the cherry on top of this magnificent, frustrating hat that has caused me so much joy and pain. Clearly, I have missed my deadline of Halloween, but I’m not fretting. I doubt Caitlin will know the difference. It will still be awesome and warm all winter long. Besides, she had enough other amazing toys, presents, love, and attention on her birthday today.

I’m so close to finishing this damn hat I can taste it…

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