Thursday, March 4, 2010

an apple a day... or food thoughts on a sick day

I'm home sick today. I would have been home sick yesterday too, but a long, gruelling day of work got in the way. I went from one job to another to another and whimpered home around 10:30. The first bed day, the day before yesterday, was feeble and unfed. I was home alone without much to eat, but managed a lovely mid-day meal of lamb soup -- made from the bone of the roast leg of lamb I made on the weekend. Other than that, the day went by without much to eat at all. Lots of dozing and TV on the internet. I started watching a show about a pie maker, which only served to make me very hungry indeed, and so slightly more miserable.

Yesterday was a fast food day. As I've been sick, I certainly was unable to cook anything to take for lunch and dinner on the go. And as I've already stated, it was a very busy day, so only food of the fast variety would do. Though a lovely Pink Lady apple for the market was a nice little breakfast, it was Edo Japan for lunch and gross staff meal at the hotel for dinner.

Today, another bed day, I decided at that I could do better. Breakfast was another one of those lovely apples, and honey lemon ginger infusion. It's what I usually drink when I'm sick and I'd forgotten all about it until last night. While slogging away in a generally sniffley fashion, my co-worker, Barbara, took pity on me and made me a steaming mug of hot water with honey and lemon. I was undone by her kindness, and as soon as I had a moment to, I huddled away in the corner, sipping gleefully.

As a somewhat unrelated aside, may I please suggest that if you haven’t, you pick up a copy of Michael Pollan’s book The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World. He begins with telling the history of the apple, focusing in on its history as the darling of the American produce aisle. It is a fascinating story, rich in hilarious anecdotes. Pollan’s stories are filled with remarkably real people, one such fellow has made the focus of his life’s the canonization of Johnny Appleseed. The other plants whose histories Pollan explores are tulips, potatoes, and cannabis. An interesting read, to be sure.

Sick days are wonderful, terrible things. Nobody wants to be forced to take them. I've been running around so crazed for the past few weeks that I certainly didn't feel like I had any time to get sick. That is, of course, exactly when sickness comes. So now I have been force to take this time, read, sleep in, catch up on personal (though not unimportant) emails, and watch delightful shows about pie-makers and the ladies they love. Feeling rested, and slightly less haggard today, I indulged this afternoon with one of my favourite things that my mom always keeps stocked in the freezer downstairs. Today, while home alone with a cold, I ate seven spanikopitas. Please don't tell anyone. I'd be embarrassed... if I wasn't so damn impressed with myself, under the circumstances.

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  1. i want kosher for passover spanikopita. i mean, the dough doesn't rise that much, does it? make it so, okay?

    otherwise i'm not coming home.

    how do you like them apples, roving taster?

    L. xo