Friday, March 5, 2010

yahoo! spring is coming.

Can't you feel it? I think it was something about the air and the sun this morning. OR the crackly ice on the edge of the sidewalk. Aslan is on the move...
Anyway, I'm feeling much better.

Just so you know how much better, let me put it this way. I am not well enough to cook an entire dinner for everyone tonight. With family in town and this being the first Friday night we've all been able to spend together in so long, my mom woke up early this morning before work and prepared enough roast chicken and potatoes to feed a small band of resistance fighters. It's almost Passover, I'll have to really test myself to cook and bake for that monumental family meal.

Tonight I am just in charge of putting the chicken in the oven, heating up the soup, making the noodles, and some sort of vegetable side that is up to me.
So what to do for the vegetables? There is some lettuce that my mom prepped that I can do what I want with. I think I'll do a variation on my hearty spinach salad. Crispy turkey bacon crumbled with shredded carrots, sliced cremini mushrooms, and hard-boiled eggs. Last week the very kind egg sellers at SunWorks Farm gave me an extra dozen eggs just to tell me they appreciate me. That was very nice of them. Our Saturday visits are becoming a highlight of my week. When I want to make new friends, or welcome back old ones, I like cooking my very favourite or most promising new recipes.

So I think I will also make a little bread pudding from the Challah I have left over from last Friday. I have some more Pink Lady apples from the market and a bit of Quail's Gate 2007 Optima Late Harvest, VQA. Somewhere in there is a very good little dessert I can work on while a putter away and the weekly tasks of soup, chicken, noodles, and so on.
But there remain many interesting vegetables on the counter and in the vegetable drawer. I look longingly at them day after day. Buttercup squash, fennel, today is your day. Some sort of puree, I think.

Wish me luck. Dinner is served in less than 2 hours...

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