Friday, November 12, 2010

winter is in the air

Lately I've been feeling a chill in my bones and a deep, intrinsic need to make soup. This is how I know winter is coming. My body memory is telling me that this chill I feel is nothing compared to what lay ahead and I am beginning to brainstorm cookie ideas. Things that are good to dip, things brushed with melted chocolate, and things that are infused with peppermint, lavender, and ginger. The planning begins...

I dream about meals, you know. Recurring dreams, they differ is length and complexity. Really, they're more variations on a theme. Until eventually all that I've been reading, scheming, and puzzling about has to come out in some sort of wild, cathartic, unifying experience of culinary output. Would you like to come over and cook something with me? Or we could bake, if you prefer. My kitchen is well stocked, and though slightly messy and rather dishevelled, you're welcome in it.

These are things I want to experiment with:
lavender/rosemary/candied ginger shortbread
mulled fruit
brulée-ing things
parsnip soup
stuffed roast chicken
osso bucco
homemade cannelloni
chocolate and cheese soufflé (though not necessarily together)
something that when assembled spells my name
layer cake

Tell me if you have tried to make any of this. Some of these things are not new to me, but rather I feel it is high time I gain greater mastery of them. Other things on this list came to me in dreams or having tasted it elsewhere and striving to replicate the taste in my own kitchen.

The other thing is, this year I promise to try out way more gluten-free baking. Joey's brother is celiac, so I think I'll see what works out well and then send him a little surprise. And given that I don't think he reads this, it probably will be a surprise!

Is there anything you think I left out? What wintery food winds your clock? What have you been waiting to try or to make again?


  1. i have a tasty dahl recipe. i really made it up last january, and i still can taste it. (lentils Check!) i wish i could come and play with you, but i can't so i will e-mail you the recipe soon!

    (if ever on the wet coast again, you are more than welcome to play in my kitchen. in the summer, we may even have fresh vegetables, as long as i can beat the slugs this year!

  2. I love soups in the winter. And cornbread with beans! Epicurious has an epic epic honey sage corn bread in their "best of" section.

  3. Mmm, I just made ginger-snap cookies :) They are delicious! And my brother makes the most amazing Osso Bucco - just from a cookbook, but it's pretty fantastic.

    And, I also adore soup. I think I could have it every day for lunch.